Earthquake StrengtheningEarthquake Strengthening

BLM Construction has extensive experience across a wide range of commercial building and construction projects.  One of our key specialty areas is earthquake strengthening. 

Over the last 10 years we have completed a wide range of building earthquake strengthening projects.  To date, in the greater Wellington region, key commercial buildings we have successfully strengthened include the Maritime Museum, Shed 21, Chaffers Dock Apartments, and the Old Bank Arcade building.

Our expertise has also been utilised on more specific civil construction projects including bridges and wharves.

Earthquake Strengthening | Our Specialised Techniques

At BLM Construction we utilise a wide range of earthquake strengthening techniques.  Our techniques and methods include:

  • Constructing steel reinforced concrete encased beams and columns.
  • Installing new shear walls.
  • Strengthening buildings’ foundations through:
          - Installing lead and rubber isolators;
          - Constructing foundation reinforced concrete beams and columns.
  • Installing custom manufactured structural steel K-Braces throughout the building structure, as and where required, e.g. existing walls and open building spaces.
  • Installing and drilling steel reinforced micro piles/mini piles to provide further foundation strengthening.

Earthquake Strengthening  Earthquake Strengthening   Earthquake Isolater

Earthquake Strengthening | Our Approach

At BLM Construction we can project manage and oversee a full building strengthening programme.  Our process is simple and straightforward and often involves the following steps:

  • Preliminary Assessment - On contacting us we will do an initial review of the premise.  If our initial observations confirm the premise requires some building strengthening work, we will undertake a more thorough assessment with a consulting engineer.  As a result, BLM Construction will confirm the likely extent of work required. At this preliminary stage, all assessments by participating parties are provided free of charge.
  • Client Approves to Proceed with Initial Scoping of Work - At this stage, the client confirms they would like to proceed with completing an initial Scoping of Work.  Costs for undertaking the initial Scoping of Work are detailed on the provided document.
  • Undertaking Initial Scoping of Work - This involves a more in-depth analysis by BLM Construction and the consulting engineer.  Both parties fully investigate and confirm in greater detail the full scope of the required building strengthening work.  The engineer provides full cost breakdown and procedure of recommended approach, all of which are detailed in the provided report.  No technical building plans are provided at this stage.
  • Client Approves to Proceed with Full Design Drawings - At this stage, the client confirms they would like to proceed with completing full design drawings, necessary for obtaining Council building consent/s.  Costs for undertaking Full Design Drawings are detailed on the provided document.
  • Design Drawings Completed | Council Consent Process Initiated – BLM Construction ensures all design drawings are submitted to Council, and any Council required design changes are included.  Once Council has approved final design/s, BLM Construction will confirm final costs for completing the required building strengthening work.
  • Client Approves to Proceed with Building Construction Work – Building and construction now commences.  BLM will provide full project management of the construction work including providing regular progress updates.

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