Formwork and Concrete Construction

BLM Construction has extensive experience across a wide range of commercial projects.  One of our key specialty areas is complex commercial formwork combined with concrete construction. 

We utilise a range of specialised commercial moulding tools, enabling us to effectively and quickly erect larger, more complex moulding shapes.  Once erected, the formwork enables quick and easy concrete pouring.  Curved walls, along with vertical and horizontal upright pours are all achievable with our commercial formwork approach.

All projects are erected to approved design and specifications, and are fully customised to each site’s requirements.  Once the single (or multi pour structure) is complete, all surrounds and moulds are simply removed. 

What’s more, with the pre-assembled and easily adjustable panels we use, any on-site modifications can be easily catered for.  All formwork used is designed for use in large commercial projects, with its design enabling it to withstand large concrete pressures.

All concrete pouring is undertaken to meet required specifications.  We also use self-levelling concrete, ideal for small and complex spaces.

Formwork | Our Range of Jobs

At BLM Construction, we have undertaken a wide range of commercial projects.  Our experience and expertise with commercial formwork and concreting includes:

  • Water tanks
  • Shear walls
  • Lift shafts
  • High rise structures (providing floor by floor construction)
  • Building foundations (using steel reinforced concrete)

Formwork Products

We only use quality, high performing formwork systems.  The two we primarily use are RMD and Doka Formwork systems.  Both are highly reputable brands recognised for their strength, versatility, and quality materials.  Both systems offer simple on-site erection and assembly, with easily adjustable panels/fittings.

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